It can be tempting to train new hires as quickly as possible. Until they are fully trained, your productivity can lag, even impacting overall department goals.

But there are many reasons not to rush through a new hire’s training. The training period is important as it sets the professional tone and template for what a new hire knows and how they feel about the company. Here are three reasons not to rush the process.

1. It can impact your business’s productivity

Hires need training and onboarding to understand the company, their roles in it, what they are expected to do and how to do it. They need to get to know their managers and how they work. They need to get to know the team and understand their function in the team.

If they don’t fully understand any of these things, their productivity could suffer. If the productivity of new hires suffers, the company’s productivity is impacted.

Effective onboarding alone — which often kicks off the training period — can enhance performance by nearly 12 percent. Investment in active onboarding and training pays off

2. The new hire can miss key points about the execution of everyday tasks

All companies and departments have specific ways they want tasks executed. In many cases, these methods differ from how similar companies and similar departments may do them.

Say everyone in your department must route their completed work to a specific person in another department. Unless new hires are specifically told to do this, they won’t know it. But perhaps even more importantly, unless the system is reiterated for a certain amount of time, they may not fully remember it.

Learning a new set of tasks and a new system takes time. You need to allow that time for optimal performance.

3. It can impact the employee’s motivation and mood

New employees need to feel motivated. It’s very important to set realistic goals for them. Without realistic goals and time frames to achieve them, employees may become overwhelmed. Worse, they may be doing too much too quickly — leading to poor performance.

Poor performance due to inadequate training is a sure way to demotivate an employee and send their mood downhill.

It’s also important to provide frequent feedback on performance during the training period. That way, you can correct any misapprehensions or deficits right away. Of course, you can also praise good performance — which is a great way to motivate.

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