As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to show your employees you’re thankful for them.

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day emphasizes how much we appreciate what we have. The winter holidays are a way to show our appreciation for the uniqueness of family and friends. Why not extend that to employees?

The holidays are slightly different than the rest of the year. That makes them a great time to stop and make sure your employees feel appreciated. Employees who feel appreciated tend to stick around and work harder than those who don’t!

Here are some good methods for showing your appreciation.

1.) Schedule time individually and as a group for members of your team

Nothing says “thank you” like, well, saying thank you! The year is wrapping up. Schedule some time with each individual employee and as a group to say thank you. Tell them at least one specific thing they did during the year that you appreciated.

2.) Give them a goodie

Don’t just say, show. Give your employees something good. It can be small, like a free catered lunch or a happy hour for which the company picks up the tab.

What would your employees most appreciate? Dress down days? A short Friday to do their Christmas or Hanukkah shopping? The chance to go caroling throughout the company wearing elf hats? Go for it.

3.) Be understanding during the holidays

Sure, business goes on during the holidays. Your department has goals to hit and clients to serve.

At the same time, though, be extra thoughtful about your employee’s needs during the holidays. Everyone has tons of errands to do, including shopping, cleaning and preparing for holidays. Everyone is pressed for time. Frankly, people may be more stressed and tired than usual, just because of the amount of holiday and end-of-year prep.

So go easy on people who need to get a lot of personal stuff done during the period. If you can swing it, give some flextime to employees. They can take some time off during the day for shopping, for example, if they get their work done on time. This kind of flexibility on your part shows appreciation.

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