Are you using the social media platforms effectively to attract different candidates?

The two most widely used social media platforms for hiring are LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn is increasingly the go-to site for job postings and recruiting. If you don’t look for people on LinkedIn, it’s likely you’re not looking effectively, because it’s by far the most dedicated business networking site.

However, the reach of Facebook and its 1 billion worldwide users can’t be ignored either. Roughly 23 percent of all the hours people spend online are spent on Facebook, making it a great source of potential employees.

Let’s look at how you can recruit candidates through these platforms.

Social Media Trick #1: Establish a Company Page

Your company should have a page on both LinkedIn and Facebook, establishing its presence and its brand. Potential employees will go looking to find out information about your company when they see a posting.

Link job postings to this page. The key point is: Job postings are part of your company’s larger social media presence, not stand-alones.

Social Media Trick #2: Develop a Workforce Plan

When social media was the new thing, it might have been enough just to establish a presence on the dominant social media platforms. No longer.

To develop your workforce plan before posting on social media, you need to answer this question: Who are you recruiting?

Do you want to attract people with specific skills and experience? People interested in the sector? People interested in your company? People looking for open jobs in a wide variety of fields?

People look on social media for several reasons. On Facebook, for example, potential employees may be drawn by an interest in your company (main page), an interest in a recent news item (feed) or the job posting itself. On LinkedIn, they may be drawn by an interest in your company, a network contact shared by your company or the posting.

Make all the pages keyword-rich, so they attract people who may be looking for job opportunities in the sector as well.

Social Media Trick #3: Utilize Your Network for Referrals

While reaching out is important, remember that social media is a network. Utilize your network when hiring.

Let people in your network on both platforms know you are hiring for a specific position. Ask directly if they know of excellent potential candidates.

Social Media Trick #4: Target Skills and Experience

Part of hiring effectively is finding people with the relevant skills and experience for the job. LinkedIn can be especially effective here.

Is there a company or companies you know employs people with skills and experience directly relevant to your company? Look up people who have worked or currently work there. Survey their network to see if there’s anyone else with the relevant qualities. This is building your network for recruitment purposes.

It’s very easy to send them a message asking if they are open to new opportunities.

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