Life as an unemployed individual is hard. Besides the lack of a steady paycheck, the “not knowing” aspect of unemployment can unleash serious psychological turmoil. That feeling of being in limbo, in between jobs, is one of the toughest things you deal with when you are in career transition.

In the meantime, are there things you can do to help yourself out of the rut? The answer is a resounding YES.

If you find yourself in between jobs, go the extra mile of reaching out to a staffing firm (actually, reach out to several), and know that you are taking a positive step in the right direction.

Here are six must-know tips for landing a paycheck through the temporary staffing industry:

  1. Don’t sign up with just one place. 

    Sign up with 3 or more! That’s right. Don’t just contact Graham Staffing and get your resume on file with us… contact other staffing firms throughout your local area and get into their database also. Why? Because different clients work with different firms, so you’ll be reaching a broader range of possible job opportunities. You’ll have multiple recruiters looking at potential jobs where you could fit the bill. These jobs may be temp, some may be direct hire, and many more could be temp to perm (companies love to “try someone out before committing”).

  2. Take into consideration this caveat…

    If you are working with multiple staffing companies, be sure to let each company know that you are working with other firms. This helps avoid situations where your resume gets submitted for the SAME job, by two different companies. Do you know what happens to your resume if you get submitted for the same position by two different staffing firms? Take a guess. Yep – your resume immediately gets tossed out. You will be removed from the running. Why? Because companies do not want to deal with the liability of trying to sort out which firm submitted the job applicant first, or which firm the candidate “belongs to”… so they scratch the applicant off the list to avoid all complications.

  3. Oh, and another caveat…

    If you get contacted by a firm for a temp position, feel free to say no if you can’t do the assignment… but realize that if you turn down job assignments frequently, eventually you won’t be asked anymore. In the temp staffing firm, willingness to do a temp job is crucial.

  4. If you are working with someone from a staffing firm…

    If another person from the same firm calls you separately, be sure to mention that you have already spoken with another person from the same firm. This helps keep the audit trail straight for staffing firm internal operations, and majorly helps the recruiters to know who has been reached out for what. Basically, it’s your way of being a considerate job applicant and keeping the flow of information working well.

  5. If the staffing firm sends you paperwork…

    You need to fill, complete it thoroughly and quickly, and send it back fast. This sounds so basic. But truly, the way you do your job search is the way you will do the job. If you take initiative and are prompt with your responses, prompt with completing requested tasks, prompt with providing the information you are asked for, then this bodes very well… it demonstrates diligence and a good, proactive work ethic. If you are lackadaisical about filling the forms and getting those sent back, then you are essentially weeding yourself out. Recruiters watch for red flags and try to avoid job applicants who appear to lack work ethic and conscientiousness.

  6. Call back right away.

    If a recruiter calls you about a position, call them back right away… even if it’s just to tell them that you are not interested. ALWAYS call back, and call back FAST. This is SO helpful to recruiters and shows great professionalism and consideration on your part. When you do NOT call back, again, you are just weeding yourself out of a job.

And remember, if you treat your temp assignment like a brand new interview EVERY day on the job, giving your very best performance and professionalism, you are majorly upping your chances of having full-time work soon. You never know when a temp assignment will go permanent.

Looking for your next opportunity?

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