Every business and organization faces legal issues. Employment, discrimination, and other laws and regulations are complex. Busy managers and supervisors don’t always have time to ensure their own familiarity with laws. They may not know best practices or easily avoided pitfalls.

But using the expertise and experience of a staffing service can ensure that your organization reduces any legal issue. Here are three ways they can assist you in complying with the law.

They can ensure nondiscriminatory hiring practices

It is, of course, not legal to discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnic background or disability, among other categories. In fact, suits brought for employment discrimination are rising steadily. Most organizations have policies on non-discrimination and the necessity to hire and promote fairly and equitably.

Staffing agencies, because of their expertise in human resources and hiring, are likely to know laws and regulations better than many managers. They also have access to a large variety of potential employees, so can draw from a broader pool in ensuring nondiscriminatory hiring practices.

They can help safeguard companies against potential lawsuits

Lawsuits can arise over multiple complex issues. Some companies, for example, have been sued over creating a climate of sexual harassment or employing an individual accused of sexual harassment. Companies can face lawsuits about unsafe working conditions or maternity or family leave.

Staffing agencies must be up-to-date on legal cases and ramifications of the law. They will be able to safeguard companies against violations of law.

They assume financial obligations for contingent workers’ payroll, taxes and government reporting

Governments from the federal level to the state, city and local levels require that taxes be withheld from employees’ salaries past a certain minimal amount of earnings. Earnings must also be independently reported to the government.

When an organization hires temporary or contingent workers, the organization does not do this withholding and reporting. The agency the contingent employees work for does. And that’s the staffing firm.

A qualified staffing firm will ensure that temporary workers are paid appropriately, taxed appropriately and all required reporting takes place.

Staffing firms work hard to be compliant with all the changes laws and regulations surrounding employment. So when you use one, they handle a headache and prevent you from being burdened with it. That means peace of mind for you and your organization.

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