One of the challenges of hiring top quality people is finding the best potential candidates. That can be especially true when the job market is hot, but it can be hard to find good candidates any time.

How do you find the best person for your organization? Here are six ways to search.

1.) Career Fairs

Career fairs are a great way to find people who are actively looking for jobs and to network. Industry organizations and local business groups, such as the chamber of commerce, put these on frequently. In a career fair, you can chat with prospective employees to get a sense of their personality and goals. Usually, candidates will drop off resumes and business cards. If you’re interested in their qualifications, you can contact them. This is especially valuable if you’re not looking to fill a position immediately, but want to know of qualified people down the road.

2.) College Events

Many college career events can be smorgasbords of different employers or clustered around a specific industry. At college events, you’ll meet bright, motivated students. These are particularly good for entry-level positions, as generally the attendees won’t have significant work experience. It’s a great opportunity to make an impact by discussing your organization’s opportunities and benefits. It can be an opportunity to assess the level and motivation of college-educated job candidates without making a commitment to an interview.

3.) Industry Events

Industry events are not as clear-cut as career fairs or college events, in terms of looking for a job. They may be where you hear of plans to change companies or that a specific firm is downsizing — and, by implication, their people may be looking for new jobs. The people will likely be seasoned and experienced in your industry. Some industry events may have job boards where your firm can advertise.

4.) Industry-Specific Club or Association Meetings

Club and association meetings and conferences are great ways to connect with people and advertise open positions. Some industry associations provide space during the meeting where interviewers can meet prospective job candidates. Some offer rooms where interviews can take place. This can not only be a convenient way to meet candidates, it can save on costs of bringing candidates to your home office.

5.) LinkedIn

The advantage of LinkedIn is you can both advertise open positions and screen a large pool of potential candidates without having to contact them directly. Most people have relevant resume-like information on their LinkedIn profile, including experience, skills and past positions. If you’re looking for someone with five years of social media experience or an MBA, you can search and screen for them.

6.) Employee Referrals

The benefit of employee referrals is they increase the chances of finding a hire who’s a good cultural fit. Referrals generally have personalities and attitudes similar to the people who referred them. It also heightens the chances they will be good team players. Employee referrals are made, not born. Create and publicize a plan to draw employee referrals, because it’s the rare employee who will spontaneously suggest someone. One method is to create incentives, such as $50 or a day off for a successful referral.

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