This year, you want to build a stronger team. You have plans, incentives and goals.

But perhaps many of these plans, incentives and goals require more power and people to take stress off your permanent employees.

You can build a stronger team this year by using a staffing service. Here’s how.

1. Developing job descriptions

Developing job descriptions is a time-consuming task. Maybe you want more intensive one on one’s with your team members this year, but have time constraints because you — or they — need to spend time creating new job descriptions.

Let a staffing agency do this. They are proficient in all types of job descriptions. You can review and tweak, but they can do the majority of the work.

2. Reviewing resumes

Once a job is posted, resumes will come rolling in. Someone has to review the resumes, weeding out the ones that don’t fit and creating a pool of potential interviewees.

Maybe you want to brainstorm goals and objectives for your team, but have put it off to review resumes.

Here, too, staffing agencies are experienced at reviewing the first pass of resumes. Let them review the resumes so you can establish goals and objectives.

3. Prescreen employees

Not all candidates make it to the hiring manager. Interviewing every candidate chosen is time-consuming. Let a staffing service do the initial interviews and any testing.

They can give you a report on who should be in the final pool, so you can devote your attention only to those people who made the cut.

4. Perform background checks

Staffing services have experience performing background checks. It may be prudent to completely outsource background checks to them, rather than using your valuable time. Spend it on team-building activities instead.

5. Providing temporary employees

Does your team need to be strengthened simply by having more people on it? This is a common issue in creating stronger teams.

It’s often a good idea to engage temps to do some jobs. That way, you have an idea of the work performance and cultural fit of each employee with no commitment to hiring them.

Staffing agencies can recruit temporary employees for your needs. If after having them on your team as a temp, you realize you want to hire them outright, staffing services can make the transition seamless and help you through the process. They will hold your hand through it.

When You Need a Staffing Agency

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