When you’re looking for a job, you want to show your leadership skills. Every stage of the process gives you a chance to demonstrate that to hiring managers. How do you show leadership skills? These three ways.

1.) Honesty

Folks who aren’t honest develop a credibility problem. If you’re aren’t honest in one area, bosses and co-workers will start wondering if you are being truthful, and will wonder all the time. To exhibit leadership, you have to be honest.

Be honest with questions they ask in the salary negotiation process. If they want to know your salary, don’t misstate it. They’ll look it up! If you feel you deserve more, negotiate with reasons. Be honest with questions regarding the job offer. If they ask if you can work late occasionally, but child care would make it difficult, say so.

If you’re asked, “What’s your biggest weakness?” it is acceptable to turn it into a positive. Say something like “perfectionism, but I’ve learned to let the project dictate what is good enough.” That stresses a positive rather than a negative. That’s allowed!

2.) Problem Solving

All positions are designed to help solve problems. Whether they need more people to crunch numbers or want someone with social media experience, the job will be solving some sort of issue.

Ask during your interview what the most pressing challenge or problem is the department faces. Find out what main problem or issue your position is supposed to alleviate or fix. That way, from your first day at work, you are already in problem-solving mode and can make an effort to implement solutions.

3.) Take Initiative

Show you will take initiative. You can start this before day one. Do they have flex time, where you can begin anytime from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.? Email your supervisor to find out what time is most preferable.

On your first day, do you realize a lot of material needs to be digitized? Take the initiative to start doing this by asking your boss if it’s a priority.

Taking initiative is a key leadership skill and will be very appreciated.

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