Let’s face it. While hiring can bring good things (more employees, more revenue), it also carries with it significant stress.

Hiring stress can exist for many reasons.

If you have junior managers, for instance, the entire hiring process — from writing job descriptions to interviewing to making a final decision — may be completely new. They need advice and training on how to do it.

Plus, many managers don’t like certain parts of the hiring process. Some want to run away from writing job descriptions. Others wilt before multiple interviews.

To top that off, of course, hiring takes time and money.

You, the human resources team, the hiring manager(s) and even members of the prospective employee’s team may all need to devote some time to it. They have plenty of other projects and tasks, all of which are put on hold as they devote time to the hiring process.

And money? It takes roughly six to nine months of a prospective employee’s salary to find and train. So if the position pays $55,000, it could cost the company $27,500 to $41,245.

Plus, an estimated 46 percent of new hires fail within 18 months. If they need to be let go or reassigned, that will take up time as well. And the hiring process begins again.

Using a Staffing Service to Make Hiring Easier 

A staffing service can remove the time and stress that comes with hiring and return your company to business as usual.

A staffing service has expertise in all aspects of the hiring process. They can draft job descriptions for your approval. They can post jobs on boards that receive traffic and interest from applications.

Staffing personnel can review applications. They can contact top candidates for interviews and set up interviews.

A staffing agency can help you conduct the interviews, do screening interviews and work with hiring managers on interviewing techniques.

They can vet prospective candidates, checking backgrounds and references.

Staffing agencies can also supply temporary personnel. With temporary personnel, you can see a candidate on the job, ascertaining both skill and fit. You can hire temporary personnel for just a few days, a few weeks or make the hire temporary to permanent.

When You Need a Staffing Agency

Graham Staffing Services is fully qualified to support companies in all aspects of the hiring process. We can help employers looking to fill positions by providing qualified employees and temporary employees. Contact us at your convenience to discuss how we can help.