If you’re like many managers, you might hesitate to bring up issues regarding an employee who came to you through a staffing firm.

When the employee is temporary, the issue for the manager might be unfamiliarity with how to approach the situation. But don’t hesitate to provide feedback to your staffing service. Help them help you!

Feedback can drive continuous improvement

Staffing services are here to help you succeed with your staffing needs. If you give them information on what is or isn’t working for your needs, they can drive continuous improvement.

Is a particular employee terrific with merging and sorting or updating your social media platform in an efficient way? You may have never thought to mention merging and sorting or social media as a specific need, focusing on general computer and office skills. But feedback on the positive ways it affects your objectives can be very important to your staffing service. They can recruit more people with similar skills.

On the other hand, if an employee looked great on paper but lacks key soft skills, you can tell your staffing agency about the gap created by their lack of appropriate team player skills. They can replace or recruit for better team players.

Feedback can resolve issues before they become entrenched

If you have an issue with a temp employee, bring it up right away so the staffing firm can address it and turn it around or offer you a replacement candidate. After all, temps are supposed to make your team function better immediately. If they don’t, you are very justified in taking quick steps to better your team’s performance.

The three most common challenges for any employees are productivity, attendance and conduct. Don’t let performance issues go unaddressed. The earlier you raise the red flag, the easier it is to resolve the issue before it becomes a full-blown problem.

Talking to your staffing agency when you first notice an issue can help deliver better results.

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