Are you implementing a wellness initiative in 2018? It’s a great idea. Wellness programs have many benefits for your employees, their work performance and your company’s bottom line.

Your employees will be healthier. They will be more productive and engaged. The company will likely gain more productivity through reduced absenteeism and reduced healthcare costs.

It’s key to motivate the team to participate in and embrace the wellness initiative. Without motivation, people won’t participate, whether it’s attending the events or using apps.

So, how do you motivate people? Here are some key methods.

1. Survey the team to find out what’s important to them

Don’t assume you know. You might be thinking “blood pressure screenings” when employees want to know simple ways of eating healthier or quick aerobic exercise plans.

2. Make sure activities are accessible

Don’t neglect the ease and convenience factor. If you want to establish blood pressure screenings, they need to be accessible in terms of time and place. Healthcare professionals coming to your site is ideal.

If that isn’t feasible, establish incentives such as time off to drop by the blood screening center or flextime.

3. Establish incentive programs

It’s crucial to establish incentive programs for every wellness initiative. People have to want to come. A treat is a nice way of enticing them.

Be creative. If your team wants to know more about eating healthy, for example, develop a lunchtime informational program or series of programs. Have a catered lunch with examples of the healthy food they’re learning about!

Gift cards to health food stores or farmers’ markets and raffles for participating are also great ideas.

You can also incentivize teams. Prizes for the department with the highest participation rates are a good idea.

4. Give people something to look forward to

Schedule a Wellness Party at the end of the initiative, with local bands, for example. Or partner with a local gym for a happy hour that gives out healthy smoothies rather than cocktails. People can go after work and get acquainted with the facilities.

5. Survey in the middle and end

A quick survey after each main event will let you know how it was received and if employees found it useful.

Survey at the end of the initiative. This lets you know how people incorporated the information or ideas from the initiative. Ask for suggestions for next year as well.

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