It’s hard to receive a “no” after a dream job interview. It may have been your dream job, or one you really needed. The last thing you might want to do is graciously contact the employer after being turned down.

But it’s important to do. It’s as important a part of a job search as developing a resume and practicing your interview chops.

In a follow-up letter, thank the employer for taking time to interview you.

Then, ask them politely if they are willing to provide feedback on the job interview and/or your qualifications. Note: Don’t ask why you didn’t get the job. There are many variables in why a candidate didn’t get a position. It could be the boss’s cousin had a lock on it all along. It could be they decided not to hire anyone. This is no longer about you getting this job; respect the company’s decision.

But it is about gaining feedback that could help you land future jobs and keep the door to the company open.

Here are three reasons why following up is a good idea.

1.) It Shows Interest in Growing and Learning

Employers want someone who will grow and learn. Receiving feedback is part of any job, even difficult feedback. Contacting an employer who has rejected you to ask if they can provide any specific feedback on your skills and qualifications shows you are mature enough to take a no as a learning opportunity, not as a slamming door in your face.


2.) You Can Learn What to Do Differently

If you need to brush up your job search skills, this is a genuine chance to learn what to do differently next time. Was your resume poorly proofread? Did you bobble on questions like “What’s your greatest weakness?” If the respondents indicate either of these, fix that resume and practice! This is true for whatever feedback they give, from “be on time for the interview” to “you need to get two years of coding experience.”


3.) You Leave the Door Open

You never know when another opportunity at the company will open. Hires occasionally fall through. If you were runner-up, your number could be next. Or, if the organization is in a hiring phase, they may need another person next month. For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to leave the door open. Following up in a professional manner and reiterating your desire to learn is always a good idea. It demonstrates flexibility and professionalism.

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