It’s important to every organization to increase both productivity and revenue. Productivity means every employee is producing at peak levels and there are no gaps in areas that need to be covered. Revenue is the amount of money coming in from the sale of products and services. Both are crucial if an organization is going to be robust in the long term.

What’s the #1 way to increase your business’s productivity and revenue? Using a staffing service. Here’s why.

  • Lower Employment Costs

Recruiting and replacing an employee costs money. Depending on the skills and level of the position, the costs can equal from one month’s salary to several years’ worth. Using a staffing service can lower those costs. Staffing services personnel are experienced recruiters. They have many people to choose from and can fill positions more quickly with qualified personnel than an organization can. The quicker the time to recruit and replace, the less it costs. As a result, the maximum amount of revenue is retained and productivity remains high.

  • Help With Screening

Part of the cost and productivity loss associated with hiring staff is the time it takes to check references, perform background checks and do any other necessary vetting. All of this can be complicated. At staffing companies, systems to do all this are already in place. As a result, it costs less both in money and time than it would for an individual hiring manager or human resources department. The staffing company also assumes the risk of vetting incoming employees.

  • Flexibility for Temporary Increases in Workloads

If your organization suddenly experiences an uptick in demand from clients or has unusually busy months, you may suddenly need more staff. But it can be a drain on revenue to permanently hire people you may not need two months down the road. You will still be paying their salary and benefits if the sudden demand isn’t permanent. Not only that, you’ll be paying unemployment costs if you need to let them go due to a drop in demand.

With a staffing service, you can hire temporary personnel who are qualified to do the job with no risk to revenue. You pay temporary workers only for as long as you need them. There are no unemployment costs involved in letting them go. In addition, your productivity isn’t affected because you have a full roster of experienced employees.

  • Options for Rapid Growth

At times, you may experience growth in demand that appears temporary at first but then turns out to be permanent. That’s welcome news for most companies! However, you need to hire new employees to fill new positions.

Staffing companies help. You can hire temporary workers for a while. As you see which are the best workers, you can hire them as permanent employees. It’s a form of auditioning them before a hire. This saves money because the costs to recruit and train are much less. It also maintains high productivity as there is no time lag when positions are unfilled.


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