The process of acquiring new knowledge doesn’t stop in school. It’s needed for many aspects of business life. Here are four reasons continuous learning is a good idea for managers.

  1. Keep on Top of Industry Trends

Industry trends change continually, no matter what field and position you’re in. If you’re in corporate communications, information once disseminated by newsletter might now be published on Facebook or Snapchat. If you’re in government procurement, budgets and regulations might change frequently. Even in areas that might seem more unchanging, like human resources, the ongoing evolution of trends can change standards and practices. It was once common, for example, to give performance appraisals once a year. Now, the thinking is greater frequency is better. You need to change with the times.

  1. Change Your Strategy to Fit the Business

Is your business doing well in this economic recovery? That may change down the road. You need to have a plan if leaner times come. Is a restructuring of your business likely? Learn how your department can become even more valuable. Think through elements that might need a new strategy. Changing government policies? Consumer economics? Evolving technology? Then plan to learn more about it and develop a strategy accordingly.

  1. Refine Your Management Techniques

While your management techniques may be working very well, it’s not wise to become complacent. Frankly, every manager should make a point to continuously learn new management techniques. What do you do particularly well? Motivate people? Develop new trainees? Create teamwork? Choose one area and learn new ways to do it. It’s also a good idea to develop management techniques for new workplace rules and personnel. Generation Z, for example, are the early 20s and under age group just entering the workforce. They are more entrepreneurial than previous generations. How can you best engage them?

  1. Encourage Employees to Learn

Continuous learning makes employees better. Learning about everything from the latest software to the newest methods of teamwork can only help their productivity and satisfaction. The more productive they are, the better your business performs. The more satisfied they are as employees, the more likely they are to stay. That reduces the time and effort spent recruiting and training new people. If your employees see you involved in learning, it encourages them to learn. They see it is valued by the company and necessary in business.


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