If you’ve recently hired a new temporary employee or have several new temps in the organization, be sure to welcome them! Although temps may be hired to help out for a short time, it’s just as important for them to know the daily processes and company culture as it is for permanent employees.

Here’s how to welcome temps in a way that will make sure productivity is maintained.

Onboard temps as you do permanent employees

New employees need orientation and grounding in company regulations and policies, whether they are temp or perm. They need information and an introduction to everything from where to find the coffee room to the email and chat systems.

Don’t set up a separate onboarding system for temps. It may lead to omissions that cause them to do their jobs less effectively than you’d like. If there are certain elements, like W-2 forms, they don’t need, streamline the onboarding session for them. But there will be significant overlap in what temp and perm employees need.

Incorporate temps into your daily routines and regulations

Companies all have daily routines and regulations that establish the way work is done and how it is done. Temps need to be part of that. They should attend meetings if the subject matter is relevant to their jobs, for example.

Temps also need to be part of office life. Do you have fire drills every six months, for example? The temps need to be part of receiving information on it.

Incorporate them into your company culture

Being part of an organization’s culture is key to being successful and comfortable in the workplace. You need to have a plan to make sure temps are part of your company’s culture, because without a plan, it may not happen. Permanent employees may feel that temps are in a different category without leadership indicating otherwise.

Make sure temps and co-workers are introduced. Give them a list of names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Is the company culture oriented around Friday free pizza? Make sure your temps know about it! Informal company get-togethers are great for people to get to know each other. It smooths out communication and corporate fit. It’s also important for temps to know they can attend.

A Staffing Agency to Help Meet Your Needs

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