What you’re not telling your staffing service can hurt you. A staffing service can help you and your organization in many ways. You’ll never know how much, and in what ways, they can assist you unless you share information to help them help you.

Staffing services can help you develop job postings, recruit new personnel, interview and vet references. They can help you brainstorm the types of people you need in new hires.

So it’s essential to communicate effectively with your staffing agency.

  1. Let them know everything that may affect the personnel you hire.

Busy managers know that a wide variety of events and organizational patterns affect personnel.

Planned changes to the size of the workforce, for example, can change team dynamics and employee morale, whether they involve the organization’s expansion or downsizing.

Are certain hard skills, like Microsoft Access proficiency, imperative for employees to have?

Do you need specific soft skills, like organization or proactiveness? If so, your staffing services representative can help you recruit for people with those skills, just as they can target hard skills.

Do you have teams in place, or are you in the process of building them? A developed versus in-process-of-development team structure could require a different type of employee.

  1. What are your business patterns?

Are there frequent peaks and dips in business patterns which would cause contracts to be cut short? If so, they can assist you in hiring temporary employees and in preparing temporary employees for their likely tenure.

Are there times in the year when you anticipate a high rate of hiring? The staffing agency can proactively help you prepare for those periods in advance.

  1. What is your turnover rate?

Turnover rate matters because it provides a guide to how often you’ll need new employees. Prospecting, recruiting, interviewing and training are all affected by turnover rate. Employee morale and engagement can be affected.

Let your staffing services agency know roughly how often people leave. They can help you plan for gaps, recruit proactively and provide guidance on methods to reduce turnover.

A Staffing Agency Will Fulfill Your Needs

Graham Staffing Services will be happy to help you with any needs related to hiring. Let us know the factors that affect your business, including business patterns and turnover rate. We can help your human resources department and all your departments be optimized for maximum service.

We’re here to help. Contact us today.