At times, you may be swamped with to-do items. You need to train a new hire, recruit for the busy season, set up an improvement plan for an underperformer, check references for a recent interview, schedule a team meeting about social media tasks and write up quarterly figures for your own boss.

It can be tough to determine where to focus first. Everything is important. If you focus on the short-term needs, it can mean you’ll have to put out fires later — fires you know can be easily avoided if only you had more than 24 hours in the day.

Where Is Your Focus Most Needed?

What to do? First, make a to-do list in order of importance for your own managerial focus. Figure out if it directly affects your success. If it doesn’t, think through how you can outsource your projects so you can put your focus where it is needed most.

It could be the quarterly report that goes to your boss needs all your focus right now. Then, the team meeting can be scheduled after that.

But will that leave your department under-producing in the busy season or delay the recent interview candidate from being hired? You need to be staffed up. And you need to make the right hires.

A Staffing Agency Can Play Many Roles

Consider the multiple ways a staffing agency can serve you. Many people think of staffing agencies only when they specifically need to hire someone. But a qualified staffing agency can do much more than that.

Review your to-do list for anything a staffing agency can provide. A specialized firm can assist in training new hires. In fact, they can test and assess potential hires so you know how much training they require.

They can definitely help you recruit new personnel for a busy season. In fact, staffing firms like Graham, that specialize in both permanent and temporary placements, can help you see how people work with your team by employing temporary employees for a specific stretch of time. If needed, those who are great performers can become new permanent hires.

A staffing agency can check references and perform other background checks on employees. They are experienced and seasoned at asking the right questions and making sure applicable laws and regulations are followed.

They can also help with more specific personnel situations, such as performance improvement plans. You can access their wealth of experience to get advice and pointers on how to handle these situations.

When You’re in Need of a Staffing Agency…

Graham Staffing Services can help employers outsourcing human resources tasks. We provide advice and assistance with employment-related issues as well as facilitating temporary and permanent placement. We can serve your needs and let you focus on the most value-added aspects of your success. Contact us to discuss how we can help!