The time between an interview and hearing back from a prospective employer can seem like an eternity. Even if the time elapsed is only a few days, it can feel like it’s going very s-l-o-w-l-y. You might really need and want the job. Not hearing can make you anxious and eager for the phone call or email that brings news.

How can you stay positive and keep from biting your fingernails as you wait for a message? Here are four ways.

  1. Think About What’s Happening on the Employer’s End

Hiring for a position is not simple for the employer. So, when the time seems to drag, be aware of what they might be doing. The department, hiring managers and human resources people might be discussing all the interviewees. They might be doing background checks or talking to your references. Frankly, there may be hold-ups that must do with the budget for the position or the outlook for the company. They may be extremely busy with company business having nothing to do with the job! There can be multiple delays in coming to a decision on an open job. That’s all part of hiring.

  1. Don’t Overthink

Some people may be tempted to think a delay is due to some issue in their qualifications or interview. Don’t overthink any company response to your interview. The possible factors are just too many to make that likely. In addition, the only thing in your control is how well you prepared for and did in the interview. Once the interview is past, that’s not in your control any more. Let it go. If they ultimately hire you, great! If they don’t, chalk it up to experience. Everyone must go through a certain number of rejections to get to yes.

  1. Don’t Shy Away From Interviewing

Keep on looking for a job. If more companies respond to your resume, go for interviews. First, you want to find a job, and interviewing is a necessary step. Second, nothing improves your ability to interview well like more interviewing. It’s good practice in honing your responses and getting rid of any butterflies in your stomach. So just because one interview is past, keep on doing it when asked.

  1. Go to Job Fairs and Practice Your Pitch

“Keep on looking” is also good advice for events like job fairs and formal networking get-togethers. The contacts and networking there can be invaluable when you’re looking for a job. You should have a 30-second pitch neatly summarizing what you offer to a company. What do you bring to the table for an employer? Why should someone hire you? Your pitch should answer these questions and let them know about the great skills you have and your qualifications. The more you practice your pitch, the easier it will become.


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