Don’t let a temporary employee be “the one that got away.” Temps are a great choice if you have positions in your business you need to fill. They benefit both the business and the managers in multiple ways.

They fill a void.

Say you need database specialists for reports due in December. It takes time to recruit, interview and fill these positions. But temporary workers are an excellent option because they can be recruited and onboard to work in less time.

If you have no need past the reports you’re preparing, you have an option to end their employment with no cost or obligation to you.

But, if you want the option of hiring the temporary workers permanently, they have the following benefits.

You are already aware of their capabilities.

It can be a huge advantage in planning and daily workflow to already know what a given employee is capable of.

Did the temporary employee hired as a database specialist prove to be a whiz in database preparation, for example? Is their skill set top-notch, or useful, but average? Do they pick up new information quickly, or need some time to integrate new information?

Does it seem as if the person hired initially as a temporary employee might do well with more advanced tasks? If so, you can begin to think about a promotional path, or taking the team to another level.

You know how they like to be managed.

Every manager has a learning curve when a new employee is hired. You need time to assess how they can best be managed.

If someone working as a temp is hired to be part of your team, you already know how they like to be managed. Could he work without supervision, or was frequent contact with a manager preferable? Was she a team player, or did individual tasks seem to work better?

Are they best with direct feedback from you, or does a team approach work?

You’ve created a relationship with them, which can help build professional trust.

When a new employee comes in, an employer-employee relationship needs to be built. When you hire an existing temporary employee, at least some of that relationship already exists.

If you found a good rapport and camaraderie with the temp, that’s a great basis for creating a strong relationship and professional trust. You aren’t starting from scratch.

The transition to becoming part of your team is easy.

Hiring a temporary employee makes building your team easy. You have a chance to preview the person. Their stint as your temporary employee is an audition of sorts, where you can see how they perform and how they interact with you. You are hiring a known quantity, so the transition to a larger team will be easy.

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