Did you know that every time you are placed into a temp position through a staffing and recruitment firm, there is a very strong possibility that you could transition into a direct hire, full-time position at the client site?

Even if you are only contacted for a brief assignment of two days, once you accept the assignment, if you are amazing, you may very well be requested back… again, and again, and again. Eventually (this does happen), you may be asked to consider a full-time position at the client site.  Start out temp and then get a full-time job? How?

Simple. Don’t act like you’re just a temp, passing through. Act like you are in a long interview at the work place. Act like that office is paying your paycheck, and they deserve the very best you have to offer. Act like every day is a new interview. What is your very best?


Be earlier than on-time… be 5 minutes early. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Without fail.

Show Up

Always be there. Period. No calls out sick. No kid issues. No sudden emergencies. The impression you want to make is that you always show up. It’s amazing how many good temps mess up this one thing (reliability) and lose future employment opportunities. If something urgent actually happens, and you wind up in the hospital, keep a copy of the document that shows this… and share this with the staffing firm. Prove that you are reliable by nature and this was an anomaly.


Go above and beyond the list of duties you were given, and go the extra mile… be willing to do any work task they throw at you. Be flexible and open to requests. Always contribute!

Stay Busy

Never sit idly at a desk, even if there is not much for you to do. Sometimes you may find yourself in a temp assignment where downtime is substantial. Well, guess what? That is NOT your invitation to sit and do nothing. This means you ask what you can work on and contribute to… “Would you like me to organize the stock room? Can I scan or copy anything for your team? Do you need me to clean up any files? Can I tidy up the coffee station or the common areas? Are there phone calls you need me to make? Are there emails you need me to respond to?”

Smile and Dress Nicely

It is the fastest way to come across as professional, pleasant, and diligent.

No Internet, No TV, No Books

Never! Even if find yourself with nothing to work on, at a client office you should never surf the web, sit and read your book, or (and yes, we have seen this) sit and watch TV on your smartphone or mobile device. This seems obvious, right? But I guess it’s not. You’d be surprised how many people do this! And then we find out from the client, who is furious by this time.

Finally, should you temp? If you’re not currently employed full-time, probably yes. Temping is a very real path towards full-time future employment. Each time a company or organization hires a temp, they may be testing out that temp for full-time employment (without disclosing this fact to anyone inside or outside the organization). So the reality is, every temp has a chance to make a major contribution to an office, which could lead to a full-time offer of employment.

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