If you’ve ever had the experience of hiring new workers and then not getting enough highly qualified candidates, you know how frustrating it can be.

Let’s face it. In an ideal world, you would discover the best candidates EVER every time a position needed to be filled. Not enough response or not a stellar candidate response is a challenge.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to discover those best candidates. Read on.

Use social media

Posting jobs on social media raises the number of applications by 30 percent to 50 percent according to surveys. So, utilizing social media as a posting site alone will increase the number of responses you get. Roughly 40 percent of job seekers are active users of social media, so not using social media means you aren’t effectively reaching current job seekers.

LinkedIn is the go-to site for jobs. Facebook is a general site with large usage. If your company already has a Facebook page, it is simple to add job listings. Twitter also enjoys a large customer base, and you can tweet the news of a job opening and link back to postings on LinkedIn or Facebook. Snapchat is popular with the younger generation. Word travels quickly via social, and many postings are free, so use the tools available!

Access prior candidates who didn’t make the cut for another job

Nearly every job search ends with several qualified candidates. Often, the person not chosen comes within a millimeter of being as good as the one who was chosen. What that means is there is a qualified applicant pool after every job search.

Keep a file of past qualified applicants who were not chosen for previous jobs you have hired and filled. When you are looking for the best candidate, run through the previous applicants. Would they be good fits for the open position? If so, reach out to them. LinkedIn can be a good platform for this also. Even if they’ve taken another job, they might be open to new opportunities at your firm.

Use networking and powerful job descriptions

Alert your network when you have an open position. Networks multiply your outreach exponentially. Send messages to everyone in your network on your various social media platforms. The more people who know you’re looking, the more top candidates they can send your way.

Job descriptions play a crucial role in attracting good candidates. First, make sure the job description is clear and easy to understand. A jargon-filled job posting, or one that confuses the candidate about what the position entails, will either turn top candidates off or lead to unqualified candidates applying.

Develop job postings carefully. Provide key skills and qualifications, core competencies and needed background. Make sure the listing of skills and qualifications is not so broad as to discourage potential candidates.

A Staffing Agency Can Help

Staffing agencies can assist in optimizing job descriptions and in extending the search network. Put Graham Staffing Services to work for you by contacting us today. And if you’re looking for work, apply with us today.