Looking for a job can take a while. You send out resumes, get called for interviews, interview and still no luck. It may be important to ask yourself one question:

Why aren’t you landing the job you want?

While you may not know exactly why they didn’t pick you, there are some general reasons people don’t land jobs.

Here are the top three reasons you may not be landing the job you want.

1. Lack of attention to detail

Employers often look at your attention to detail during the hiring process.

Start with the job posting. Most of them will have key qualifications and experience requirements. Circle these on the posting. Make sure you have them. Show them in your resume.

If you don’t have them, use the cover letter to explain why you think you’re a great fit for the job anyway. If the posting asks for five years of experience and you have three, say something like “Although I have been on the job less than five years, my experience as a project manager gave me the knowledge and skills required for the job, as demonstrated by the 20 percent gain in efficiency during my tenure.”

Why is this attention to detail? Because if you don’t refer to it, hiring managers could assume you didn’t notice one of their key qualifications.

Similarly, if the application asks only for the last three positions, don’t list your past six positions. Again, it may be interpreted as a failure to notice the instructions.

2. Errors in your application or resume

Employers will assume an error-prone or sloppy application reflects an error-prone or sloppy person.

Proofread your resume and application carefully for spelling, grammar and format errors. If you know you have a tendency to miss things, ask a friend to look over them or hire a professional proofreader.

Pay attention to the instructions. If they want contact information for three references, provide them. Don’t skip it or provide 10 references.

3. Not “wowing” a potential employer enough with your skills

Sometimes, the reason you didn’t get the job could be you didn’t stand out as exceptionally capable. Employers like to visualize the person in the job and doing a wonderful job. Also, showing enthusiasm matters – be into the job showing positive excitement. If you appear as though you can take it or leave it, they will opt for someone else who comes across excited for the opportunity.

Make sure your resume reflects your significant achievements. Quantify them — that is, rather than say your social media posts grew sales, point out that they grew sales by 15 percent. That catches the eye of hiring managers.

Develop C-A-R stories. These are about a Challenge you faced, the Action you took to overcome it, and the Results.

Follow this advice to land the job next time!

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