The current unemployment rate, at just over 4 percent, is the lowest it’s been in 17 years. That’s great news for people looking for jobs. But it can mean companies can have trouble finding top talent. A vibrant employment picture means top talent may be able to pick and choose positions.

Is Your Hiring Process Attractive to Top Talent?

Make sure you’re not losing out because your hiring process is falling behind the times. Top employees may balk if it takes too long to fill out an application or they find it tough (or confusing) to navigate the application process.

The hiring process needs to be attractive to top talent, in the sense of being accessible and convenient. If they find pickings simpler somewhere else, they may go there.

Plus, it’s 2018 now! A new year is a great time to update your hiring process.

Here are some questions to ask to make sure your hiring is streamlined in 2018.

1. Is it taking too much time for applicants to fill out your job applications?

Review the process with an eye to how it looks from a candidate’s perspective. Do they have to fill out information already supplied in a resume? If they do, streamline the application form.

Do they have to print out a form and fill it in by hand? Many PDF forms are available now that can be filled in on the computer screen, saved and emailed or electronically submitted. More convenient for them, and easier for you to read!

2. Is it easy for your candidates to navigate your application process?

Go to the area where your application process begins. Is it clear how to proceed? Is it clear what to include?

If you want to receive both a cover letter and resume, are there clear areas to attach each one? How about other required documentation? Does what your company asks for a match up with clear and accessible areas throughout the process? (If you want to know the last three jobs with a reference for each, for example, are there clear areas where these can be entered?)

3. Are you following up with candidates once they apply?

Make every effort to follow up with candidates within a week of their application.

Why? Top candidates are attractive to many companies. If another company moves faster to get in touch and interview them, they may well have accepted an offer before they hear from you.

How a Staffing Agency Can Help

Staffing agencies can help you update and streamline your hiring process. We’re experts at what hiring processes work best and what applicants are like today. We’re here to help with any questions you may have about contemporary hiring practices.

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