Businesses use key differentiators as methods of appealing to their client base. But you can use them to attract job candidates to your business, as well.

Key differentiators are features of your organization that separate it from competitors and provide an advantage in the marketplace. They can range from the quality of the goods and services you provide to the timeliness of your response to customers.

How Knowing Your Key Differentiators Can Help You

Once you find the key differentiators, you can tailor job searches to find people to improve or enhance those differentiators. If you’re looking for a head of client service, for example, and your differentiator is the most rapid customer response speed in the industry, you need to find someone who is capable of delivering that speed — or even improving it.

You can also eliminate drains on time and energy by focusing only on candidates who would fit the existing key differentiator profile. Client service people who do not receive excellent feedback on timeliness, for example, would not be a fit with your organization. They can be weeded out of consideration.

Finding Your Key Differentiators

How do you find your key differentiators? If your organization has not identified them previously, you may need to do some research to find out what they are.

Know that key differentiators are different from branding, although they may feature in branding. Sometimes branding can be done with clever taglines or innovative marketing. Key differentiators need to be true and verifiable. If your differentiator is excellent speed of response to customers, for example, you need to know your response time actually is better than competitors’ response time.

How to Determine Key Differentiators

To determine what your key differentiators are, don’t assume you know. Start with these two questions.

  1. What do people like about your business?

This can be asked either of an existing customer base or of a general population (assuming your business is large enough to be known to a general population).

Be sure to design any survey to be quick and convenient to complete. Make it open-ended, so people can respond with any opinions they have, from your products to your corporate logo!

  1. What do people come to your business for?

Asking why people come to your business is an essential complement to question one, because what people come to your business for might be crucially different from what they like about it. They might like your deeply marked down sales periods, but don’t necessarily always come to you for them. They still call you because the customer service speed is faster than that of competitors.

A Staffing Agency to Help Your Business

Graham Staffing Services can help with any services that are hiring related. We can help you translate your key differentiators into hiring strategies, methods and practices. We’re here to help make the hiring process better. Contact us today. And if you’re looking for work, apply with us.