Temporary workers can be a great solution for multiple business needs. They can swing in to do the work when a valued employee leaves. They can augment your staffing during busy periods.

Not only that, but temps can provide a great way to see how people work and relate to existing staff. If they are good at their assignments and blend in well with the team, they can become permanent employees. Roughly 43 percent of employers hope to transition excellent temps into permanent employees.

But what can you expect as a manager from the new temps who are joining your team? Are there any specific things you should be aware of?

1. Make them feel comfortable

New temps might be nervous, especially the first few days on the job.

Be sure to make them feel comfortable. It’s a good strategy to treat them like permanent employees to combat any feelings of nervousness or uncertainty. Show them around, so they know where different departments are — and where the lunchroom is! Make sure they have the internal phone list.

If there are Friday donuts at 10, make sure the temps are invited. Otherwise, they will feel left out of the group. It promotes social cohesion.

2. Use proper leadership techniques

Managers who hire temps need to provide proper leadership techniques.

First, recognize that temps work for, and are paid by, the staffing agency who hired them. They will get in touch with the agency if they are sick, or cannot make it on a particular day.

Second, their on-the-job assignments need to come from you. You or a delegated assistant will need to give them the assignments you want done. While the temps will be vetted for any hardware or software skills, you may have to instruct them on your department’s methods of doing assignments as well.

Because of these dual responsibilities — staffing agency for some things, in-house managers for others — temps may occasionally feel like “you’re not their boss.” But they need to feel comfortable coming to you or relevant team members if they have any issues or need further explanation.

It’s a good idea to establish clear lines of communication with the staffing agency. They can help establish clear lines of communication with your temps, so they can perform well for the duration of their tenure at your company.

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